Hypester | Services
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We walk our talk

You need it? We do it.

Website Development

This is the first place investors look; get it right. From design to deployment we’ve got it covered.

Logo Design

Face the facts: most alt coins logos look the same. The reason: they never hired a pro. You will.

Brand Strategy

Different coins, same roadmap: hype, pump, and dump. Why exploit a few hundreds when you can improve millions of lives?


Fancy technical names and prolix paragraphs are the alt coin reality. We make your investors understand your vision.

Project Management

A successful coin involves many tasks; it gets overwhelming. We’ll sort and execute your tasks to keep our goals on track.

Community Magement

Dead Slack channels and lack of leadership are the first indicators of a bad investment. Let us keep your community alive.

Digital Marketing

You have no ideas on how to increase your numbers? Set a marketing budget and let us escalate your business.

Public Relations

A bad leader can make gold look like dust. If a homeless person gave financial advice, who would listen?

Press Releases

There are lots of people craving an interesting and authentic story to write about. Let’s feed them yours.

Graphic Design

If you think your project doesn’t need graphic design, then it’s probably already outdated. Be professional and look professional.

Social Media

Listen and understand your audience, let them know the exciting news. What kind of coin doesn’t interact with their investors?

Market Research

Do you know what people really (REALLY) think of your project? Understand the present in order to shape the future.