Hypester | Pricing
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Commited to the cause

Don’t spend a Dollar

Call the cavalry

We make standing out easy

Life can be hard, business life can be harder, but crypto life is brutal. We get it – you might have another job or a family. You could have underestimated the project, or not understand a thing about marketing or UX, user acquisition or all those fancy names that deep down you know you should.

Our life for the last 9 years has been understanding those things. We’ll know everything there is to know about your project, your competition, and your target investor.

You better be ready for changes, because we’ll pump your project momentum to the next level, destroy limiting factors and barriers. In this market either you adapt or you perish. Are you prepared?

Your coin as payment

Let’s turn cents into hundreds

As crypto investors ourselves, we know there are countless alt coins out there and even more popping up every day. We also know that most of those projects have a very limited budget – but that doesn’t make them small or bad. Our job is to find unpolished diamonds and turn them into real gems.

The best way to show our commitment is by accepting your coin as payment – you don’t need to spend one cent to start.

We want your commitment to change and ascend to the top much more than just another payout.

When we fall, we get up together. When we win, we celebrate together.

If you don’t invest on your dream

Why would others?

We don’t waste time

So let’s save us some

Those prices are retail average and not final.

Read everything. Don’t trade based on of half pieces of information.

If you’re not willing to invest in it, why would other people? Shift your mindset and change your reality. You might think: I can make a site myself – but can you do it like a pro? how will it make your coin look like? If you rather have your business presentation done by your “tech savvy” nephew or friend and end up looking like a sketchy pump & dump project done in a basement – make no mistakes we are glad of not having you on board. We’ve seen that and we know where it ends up. Let’s just remember that you want people to trust them their savings and hard earned money. We have no interest in projects that believe that you can become rich overnight.


There’s the risk factor: If we accept your idea, our prices can go down or up depending on how committed you are to your project. A strong, reliable leader can get a massive discount, whereas someone without a lot of time or engagement can make the risk factor go up. If we see huge value in your project we would even work for a fraction just to be there with you – because we actually do what we just preached, we walk our talk.


The following prices are based on averages sampled over hundreds of projects already delivered to all other clients so you understand the value they see in it – the goal is to give you an idea of how much the help you’re going to get is worth.


Each coin has its own stage of evolution. Therefore, each project has different needs and these prices will change depending on what features and services we add or remove.

Straightfoward Pricing

It’s all on the table

  • Start-up Kit

    Logo Design, Brand Voice, Differential Analysis, Growth Strategy, Social Media Template, Modern & Clean Website w/ Email Capture.

  • Web Design, Dev & Strategy

    UX Research, Growth Plan, A/B Test System, User Interaction Recorder, Forum System, Social Media Integration, Stock Imagery, Drag & Drop Builder, Friendly Admin, Pool System, Mailing & More.

  • Brand Design, Dev & Strategy

    Logo, Color Palette, Competition Analysis, Brand & Name Fixation, Brand Voice & Communication, Target Audience Research, Growth Projections, Goals and Metrics, Customer Acquisition & Strategy, Design & Create Differentials & More.

  • Hourly Fee for Precise Tasks

    Social Media Tune-Up & Management, Project Management, Community Management, Graphic Design, Copy writing, Cost Assessment, Press Releases & More.