Our Spectrobot™ algorithm finds bitcoin buy & sell points so that you don't have to

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Get email & SMS alerts when Spectrobot™ says it’s a good time to buy or sell bitcoin.

Use our signals coupled with your own technical analysis and knowledge of current events to maximize your returns and protect your profits.

2017 performance and 2018 Q1 performance
All the performance reports are provided by Tradingview™ – a trustworthy financial social media, trading platform & backtesting. The reports cannot be altered once posted and results are mathematically guaranteed by Tradingview.

Built on technical analysis and NEURAL NETWORKS

Our Spectrobot™ algorithm isn’t magic – but sometimes it can feel like it. By cross-referencing complex combinations of technical market indicators and average support and resistance, we’ve discovered a polynomial matrix that brings Spectrobot™ to a precision of 85%.

The true value of Spectrobot™ lies in the risk protection – it reacts quickly to market reversals and will advise you when it’s a good time to sell and wait for a better entry point.

Our signals work for both veterans and newbies

Whether you’re a seasoned trader looking for an extra tool in your arsenal, or just starting out with crypto and feel overwhelmed or lost, our Spectrobot™ algorithm can increase your profits and your confidence.

Our signals are based on a daily candle (timeframe), so you won’t have to worry about staying in front of your computer all day. We’ll alert you via SMS and email, so that no matter where you are, you’ll know when it’s an opportune time to trade.


On average. Signals are based on Bitstamp data on a daily timeframe.


average precision

It’s true. Don’t believe us?
Check out our history on TradingView.

dollars per month

We keep our fee ridiculously low to make our algorithm accessible to everyone

How it Works

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Sign up for the monthly subscription, and put in your phone and email where you want to receive alerts. You can cancel anytime.

Let Spectrobot™ Do its Magic

Spectrobot™ is constantly analyzing real-time market data and recalculating whether or not the conditions are favorable to buy or sell.

Get notified via Email & SMS

When Spectrobot™ finds a good moment to buy or sell, we’ll send you an Email and SMS alert. Signals are sent 12AM UTC (8PM EST).

Spectrobot™ makes every day feel like a bull market

No matter what direction the graph is going, our algorithm has built-in safety nets to maximize profits and protect your gains.


In fact, we believe in our product so much, that if you’re not satisfied after actively trading with it 30 days, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. We just ask that you show proof of your transactions.


What do you mean by 85% precision?
We ran Spectrobot™ on the BTC/USD pair on the BITSTAMP exchange.

We backtested it all the way to 2005, Tradingview’s oldest market data (cryptocurrency only had data up until 2011). We considered daily candles and a 0.25% commission. The result was that 85% of the trades were profitable.

Because BITSTAMP is the oldest Bitcoin market available on Tradingview, and information is priceless for backtesting. We need as much data as we can so the algorithm can learn as best as it can.
In plain english, this is just the tip…of the iceberg. With the full access version you can use the same algorithm on any asset at any given timeframe, which means more trades, more possibilities in less time. For instance with this BTC daily signal you’ll have one or two trade per week tops – with the full version you can have hundreds of profitable trades within just one day.
That’s why you get an email too. There are a few services that we all know suck: the government, banks and of course phone companies. We considered this before launching this product, and that’s why we chose to use daily candles – they’re not as  time sensitive. And that’s also why you’ll receive alerts via email as well, which is slightly slower but more reliable. If for any reason you don’t receive the SMS or the email we suggest double checking your account details, or talking to a priest because you have some bad mojo going on.
Not at all, Spectrobot™ is an advanced indicator that only returns you a mathmatical possiblity of direction. The decision is fully yours and yours only. Spectrobot™ is an indicator, like RSI, STOCH, Bollinger Bands, DMI, EMAs and so on – people make and loose millions every day using them and they don’t go and sue Mr. Bollinger because they lost money. Remember you are fully liable for your money and your financial decisions. Spectrobot™ doesn’t point a gun to your head and tell you what to do with your money, I’m working on a version that does that though, I’m not sure if we’re calling it Skynet or Govern V2. For all the legal mambo jambo just read the disclaimer in the footer or my lawyer will Skynet me.
How do I use the Indicator?
After Spectrobot™ analyses the market and makes a decision, if the odds are either to BUY or to SELL you will receive an email and an SMS telling you what the analysis was and you can make your own decision to act upon the information or not.
Can I use it on multiple assets at the same time?
No, if you want to do so you have to get the full access version here.
how do i know these numbers are real?
The retail version is the “STUDY” mode, it’s only an indicator. The mode that runs the backtesting is the “STRATEGY” mode. The reason we chose to use the study is simple, Tradingview has a STRATEGY trade limit, so it only allows 2000 trades – if there are more it simply doesn’t work.

The problem? On smaller timeframes(30 minutes or less) Spectrobot™ would not work because it would trade too much in a short amount of time, so we came up with a work around, so we graphically plot “buy and sell” on your screen but we don’t really tell the platform to compute a trade, so it works for you but you can’t see the math backtesting.

Worry not child, if you still think I’m full of shit we can check those numbers together over a videocall sharing screens. I only ask of you one thing: once we have those numbers checked out, I will record and publish that call for other people that might think it’s all bullshit.

I don't know anything about trading. can i use this?
Yes, this product is pretty straight forward but the more information better – so trading experience or education is more than recommended.
Do you have a money back guarantee?
You have 15 days to request your money back guarantee of the previous month.

All you got to do is to send us a message explaining why – just a heads up: once you request a money back refund you’ll no longer be able to sign up for signals again in the future. We hold grudges around here.

Spectrobot Bitcoin Signal Alerts

$9.99 on the 1st of each month

Our Bitcoin alert signals are valid for the BTC/USDT pair and based on a daily timeframe. We use the Bitstamp graph data as a basis for our signals, because it’s one of the oldest exchanges listed on Trading View, so it has the most data for our algorithm to work with. Actual prices may vary based on your exchange.

You will receive alerts via SMS and Email , which you’ll enter during checkout. You’ll be able to edit these later in your profile.

Subscriptions always begin on the first of the month – if you sign up on a different date your first month fee will be prorated, and following months will be billed in full on the first.

First payment prorated. Next payment: June 1, 2018